Xugong Road Roller Hydraulic Valve Failure How To Repair

When the hydraulic valve unit fails, it should request the professional to repair, if necessary replace damaged parts, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; such as hydraulic oil filters for the filtration accuracy is lower, or filters for damage, clean hydraulic system, swapping clean hydraulic oil and oil filters with high accuracy.

(1) connecting and eccentric device of the vibration motor coupling first vibration motor with spline shaft coupling connections are broken. Such cases are rare, usually appears on the new machine, mainly because of the vibration between wheel and parts of coaxial, verticality, serious error, or is due to zero parts of vibratory wheel bolt fracture or loosening caused by. Followed by severe wear of nylon. Nylon material, the coupling strength problems, or eccentric device of coaxiality of serious variance, can lead to early damage to nylon sleeve, vibration system no vibration, the vibration caused by weak or vibration sporadic failures.

(2) oscillation bearings lubrication, cooling, clearance, will directly affect the service life of bearings, bearing lubrication in a very short time, severe wear, along with noise.