The Sealing Element Of The Hydraulic Valve Is A Good Or Bad Factor

  The sealing element of the hydraulic valve is a good or bad factor

  Hydraulic valve is actually hydraulic transmission, used to control the liquid pressure, flow and direction of the components. The hydraulic valve sealing element damage is a common phenomenon, the main factor is the impurities in the working fluid. These impurities are milled between the sealing elements to cause leakage of the valve. Therefore, foreign countries have proposed the corresponding level of hydraulic components, should be used with the appropriate accuracy of the filter. They think 5um pump seal components, if the filter accuracy of 3 / um of the filter, the hydraulic valve life can be improved by 10um 10 times.

  = The use of hydraulic valve performance and the valve life of the proposed higher requirements. At present, the life of the valve is measured by the total flow rate of the emulsion passing through the test valve and the number of valve opening and closing times under the conditions of a filter with a 120 mesh and a magnetic filter. But in fact the indoor type test and the actual results of the actual difference between the great. Now many countries in the form of experimental, increased anti-pollution requirements, some in the emulsion into the appropriate coal, and some add mechanical impurities.

  To this end, the need for the use of new, anti-pollution ability, suitable for underground working conditions of the sealing element, the valve life has a very important significance, not only save the cost of maintenance and improve customer productivity.