The Current Development Of Hydraulic Valve Has The Following Aspects

The current development of hydraulic valve has the following aspects:

1. Energy conservation

Develop efficient hydraulic valves, such as low power electromagnetic directional valves,

2. Control

The general use of computers and the development of various sensors and the development of control theory have provided the conditions for improving the performance of the hydraulic valves and improving the control. Improve the performance of the electro-hydraulic servo valve, such as traffic control, frequency) to expand the application range, development of high-performance electro-hydraulic proportional valve, in order to overcome dead zone and improve responsiveness, static characteristic and repeatability) and digital control valve and so on, in order to meet the needs of the microcomputer control system and digital control system.

3. Reliability

The result of hydraulic valve to high pressure and high speed development, it is necessary to improve the reliability and life. The basic research on the characteristics of hydraulic valve is developed. Fixed and variable orifice, for example, the research of characteristics of orifice, role in the transient fluid dynamic experimental studies on the slide valve, high-speed electro-hydraulic servo valve in the calculation of the transient fluid power, function, flow cone valve on the liquid dynamic experiment research, hydraulic valve air-pocket, etc.

4. Intelligence

In order to realize remote control or remote control, hydraulic valve is more and more electrical control, which is to realize automatic control of hydraulic valve by electrical signal. At the moment there is a kind of intelligent combination valve, also known as programmable electric hydraulic control valves, electronic technology, computer control technology and general to constitute a programmable hydraulic valve electro-hydraulic control valve, it is a few general electro-hydraulic valve control through the control logic and the coordination between the various valve logic, to realize the function of normal electro-hydraulic control valve.

5. Green

With the constant improvement of the people environmental protection consciousness, and puts forward the concept of sustainable development, the medium, the hydraulic pressure technology, materials, technology, products will meet the requirements of the ecological and environmental protection can meet the demands of renewable and sustainable development, and hydraulic valve is bound to meet the "green design, green technology, green products" concept, from product structure, product materials, product technology and operation process shall conform to the requirements of the ecological and environmental protection.

With the progress and development of other disciplines, fluid transmission and control technology will be introduced into new fields. Future fluid transmission and control technologies will achieve breakthroughs in the following areas:

With the new breakthrough of life science and biotechnology, as well as the progress of the nano material, nano technology, the design concept of fluid transmission and control technology and method of a profound impact and bring revolutionary change, will probably make the fluid transmission and control components processing precision and surface quality reach nanometer level, so that the efficiency of the components, the control precision and can greatly improve the life. At the same time, micro-hydraulic valve is developed to make the micro hydraulic system play a pivotal role in the field of bionic machinery, artificial organ and other technology, and become the new technology preface.