Selection Of Working Pressure And Flow Of Hydraulic Valve

  Selection of working pressure and flow of hydraulic valve

  1, the selected hydraulic valve nominal pressure and rated flow, hydraulic valve generally with its working pressure and maximum through the flow of close. For the system with higher reliability requirements, the nominal pressure of the valve should be higher than the pressure of its work.

  2, according to the required control flow to select the appropriate directional valve path. If the valve diameter is greater than 10mm, hydraulic valve the choice of nominal pressure and rated hydraulic reversing valve or electro-hydraulic reversing valve flow should be selected.

  3, overflow valve should make it through the hydraulic pump all the flow. The overflow valve is used as a remote pressure regulating valve, hydraulic valve through which the flow rate is generally 0 of the overflow valve through which the remote port is located. 5%~1%.

  4, check valve, sequential valves and hydraulic valves through the flow should not be less than the rated flow too much, otherwise prone to vibration or other unstable phenomenon.

  5, flow valve minimum stability flow should meet the system executing mechanism of the minimum speed required nominal pressure and rated.

  6, shunt flow valve flow specifications should be based on its synchronization accuracy and pressure loss of the requirements of selection of flow.

  7, the opening pressure of the valve can not be too low, hydraulic valve otherwise it will cause leakage caused by actuator misoperation.

  8, electro-hydraulic servo valve Specification Model selection is mainly based on control power and dynamic response.