Reasons Leading To Crane Hydraulic Valve Has Vacuum Effect

Crane hydraulic valve is to control the important parts of the crane operating pressure, so we must be good understanding on crane's hydraulic valve, learn more about crane's hydraulic valve is able to play a role in relief, can enable the excellent running quality becomes more.

1, a crane on the pilot valve orifice clogged. The hole blocked, the pilot valve does not control, exporting oil pressure damping hole filled mainly through the main valve valve cavity, main spool in the presence of spring, in the bottom position, valve has been opened, the valve has vacuum effect, import and export pressure rises or falls.

2, the oil drain plug. After the plugged duct, cable car pilot valve cannot drain, the consequences of not working on the pilot valve orifice plug, import and export of oil pressure is increased or decreased.

3, label owners were stuck under the valve in the fully open position, will also cause the hydraulic valve to pressure situations.

4, one-way valves in the crane valve leaking serious, inlet pressure to the outlet, so the oil inlet and outlet pressure change.