PetroChina Ordered Rotork Electric Hydraulic Valves In Order To Improve Pipeline Safety

China National Petroleum Corporation has assured United Kingdom Roto company under a single purchase of Skilmatic electro-hydraulic valve actuator for oil pipelines to increase safety and ESD (emergency shutdown) responsibility. China Petroleum natural gas group company located in Yunnan's pipeline is connected to from the Bay of Bengal's offshore fields to China oil and gas pipeline network.

Rotork Skilmatic actuators are installed to pump station automated attendant-free valve inside play of their isolation and effective protection of ESD function. These valves universal remote closure valve (ROSOV) specifically designed for emergency cut off pipeline interfaces. In one direction to provide fast and precise valve movement and in the direction of effective protection to provide very reliable mechanical spring return movements, independent of rotork electric hydraulic brake design succeed in critical applications in many countries.

Skilmatic actuators will be available effective protective properties combined with the IQ intelligent electric device technology benefits of rotork, by including a precise control, monitoring and alarm signals, operating data recorded high levels of asset management for remote monitoring and Diagnostics. ESD function can be configured to operate on total loss of power or control signals.