Installation Of Hydraulic Control Valves

Due to valve connections on the subsequent design of hydraulic structure types have a decisive impact, so choose the hydraulic valve, hydraulic control device integrated way to do fairly well. Such as the use of hydraulic valve plate connections for the valve can be installed in a circuit board or on the circuit, on the one hand facilitate rationalization of system integration and design of hydraulic equipment, replaced hydraulic valve on the other hand, is not required to remove tubing, convenient installation and maintenance; if using modular valves is required under pressure and flow study on superposition valve series model selection, and so on.

For the structure of simple one-way valve, main attention should be turned on reasonable selection of pressure: low opening pressure can be reduced through a one-way valve for fluid flow resistance loss, but to be a back-pressure valve with check valve, the opening pressure is higher, to ensure sufficient back pressure. Hydraulic control valve, in addition to this section relevant considerations in the reversing valve, in order to avoid causing abnormal vibration and noise of the system, should also pay attention to the reasonable selection of the pressure relief mode: when the export of hydraulic control check valve when there is back pressure, suitable for leakage, otherwise optional internal leakage.