Hydraulic Valve Is A Pressure Oil Operation Of The Automation Components

  Hydraulic valve is a pressure oil operation of the automation components, which is controlled by the pressure valve oil pressure, usually combined with the use of electromagnetic pressure valve can be used for long-distance control of hydropower station oil, gas, water pipe system off. Commonly used in clamping, control, lubrication and other oil. There are direct and pilot type of the points, multi-use pilot type.

  Hydraulic valve action

  Used to reduce and stabilize the system in a branch of the oil pressure, commonly used in clamping, control, lubrication and other oil. Direct-type, pilot type, superposition of the points.

  Hydraulic valve classification

  According to the control method classification: manual, electronic control, hydraulic control

  According to the function classification: flow valve (throttle, speed control valve, shunt valve), pressure valve (relief valve, pressure relief valve, sequence valve, unloading valve), the direction valve (electromagnetic valve To the valve, check valve, hydraulic check valve)

  According to the installation method points: plate valve, tube valve, stack valve, threaded cartridge valve, cover valve

  According to the way of operation points: manual valves, motor valves, electric valves, hydraulic valves, electro-hydraulic valve.

  Hydraulic valve direction control

  According to the use of one-way valve and valve. Check valve: only allows the fluid in the pipeline in one direction, reverse that cut off. Directional valve: change the relationship between the different pipe between the break. According to the number of the control of the number of channels in two, three, four, five, etc.; according to the spool drive way manual, mobile, electric , Hydraulic and so on.