Hydraulic Valve Is A Kind Of Pressure Oil Operation Automation Element

  Hydraulic valve is a kind of pressure oil operation automation element, it is controlled by the pressure oil of valve, usually with the solenoid valve combination, can be used for long-distance control of hydropower station oil, gas, water pipe system. Often used for clamping, control, lubrication and other oil circuits. Hydraulic valve There are direct type and pilot type of the division, the use of the pilot. The function of the hydraulic valve is mainly used to reduce and stabilize the oil pressure of a branch in the system, which is often used for clamping, controlling, lubricating etc. It has the direct type, the forerunner type, the superposition type cent. A component used in hydraulic fluid to control the flow and direction of a liquid pressure ﹑. The control pressure is called the pressure control valve, the control flow is called the flow control valve, the control ﹑ breaks and the flow direction is called the directional control valve.

  By functional Category: flow valve (throttle valve, speed control valve, shunt valve, set flow valve, shunt set flow valve), pressure valve (overflow valve, decompression valve, sequential valve, unloading valve), directional valve (solenoid directional valve, manual reversing Valve, valve, hydraulic control valve)

  Hydraulic valve In the process of use, can effectively use the control valve core, and the throttle area between the valve body and equipment, Hydraulic valve produced by the local resistance convection to effectively adjust, so that the control of the hydraulic valve actuator speed. However, after adjusting the throttle orifice area of the hydraulic valve, it can effectively change the load pressure, and the moving speed of the actuator which is not required by the motion uniformity is basically kept stable, and in the process of changing the load pressure, it can keep the inlet and outlet pressure difference of the throttle valve as the fixed value.