Hydraulic Valve In The Use Of The Process

  Selection of Working Pressure and Flow of Hydraulic Valve

  1, the selected hydraulic valve nominal pressure and rated flow, the general should be working pressure and the maximum flow through the close. For systems with high reliability requirements, the nominal pressure of the valve should be higher than its working pressure.

  2. Select the appropriate selector valve diameter according to the flow rate you want to control. If the valve diameter is greater than 10mm, you should choose the nominal pressure and rated hydraulic valve or electrohydraulic valve for the choice of flow.

  3, the relief valve should be able to pass through the full flow of the hydraulic pump. Used as a remote relief valve relief valve, which is generally through the flow of the remote control port where the relief valve through the flow of 0.5% to 1%.

  4, check valve, sequence valve and hydraulic valve through the flow should not be less than the rated flow too much, or easy to produce vibration or other instability.

  5, the minimum steady flow of the flow valve should meet the minimum stability of the system actuator speed requirements Nominal pressure and rated.

  6, shunt flow valve flow specifications should be based on its synchronization accuracy and pressure loss requirements of the choice of flow options.

  7, the sequence valve opening pressure can not be too low, otherwise it will cause the actuator malfunction due to leakage.

  8, electro-hydraulic servo valve model selection is based on the main control power and dynamic response.

  Hydraulic valve in the use of the process, you can effectively use the adjustment valve core, and the valve body between the orifice area and equipment, the resulting local resistance convection to effectively adjust, it will effectively control the hydraulic valve actuator Movement speed. However, after adjusting the orifice area of the hydraulic valve, it is possible to effectively keep the load pressure little and the speed of the actuator which is not demanding in the movement uniformity is basically kept stable. During the change of the load pressure, Can keep its throttle valve inlet and outlet pressure is fixed.