Hydraulic Hand Pumps Repair Gear Pump

Rapid repair of the gear pump in the manual hydraulic pump SY Gear pump is often used in agricultural machinery manual hydraulic Pump. The gear pump is used for a period of time, its performance will decline, the investigation shows that the main form of manual hydraulic pump damage is the sleeve, pump shell and gear evenly wear and scratches, uniform wear is generally in 0. Between 02-0.50mm, the scratch depth is generally between 0.05-0.50mm. Due to the limitation of farming, it is urgent to repair it in a short time after damage, and must consider the two service life of the gear pump after maintenance and the site operability of maintenance cost and maintenance work. This paper introduces the technique of arc spraying and sticking in the rapid repair method.

Coating technology in the past 20 years in materials, the equipment and the application development is very fast, its work principle is the two to be sprayed the wire to be the melting electrode, by the electric motor variable speed drive, in spurts the muzzle intersection produces the short-circuit to cause the arc to melt, by the compressed air atomization into the particle and the high speed spraying to the pretreated work surface, forms It is a spraying method with high efficiency, high bonding strength and good coating quality, which has the advantages of high energy utilization, low cost of equipment investment and use, simple equipment, convenient and flexible operation, convenient on-site construction and safety.

The uniform abrasion and scratches of the inner hole, sleeve outer circle, gear shaft and pump shell of the sleeve are in 0.02-0.20mm, it is advisable to adopt high hardness, strong adhesion with parts, and good abrasion resistance of the arc spraying repair process. Arc Spraying process: working surface pretreatment → preheating → spraying bonding bottom → spraying working layer → cooling → coating processing.