Hydraulic Hand Pumps Easy To Carry Security Strong

As a simple and convenient hydraulic power source, manual hydraulic pump is widely used in many fields such as shipbuilding industry, coal mine machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power and heavy machinery. and its small size, light weight, easy to carry, strong security and other advantages are accepted by the vast number of users.

Manual hydraulic Pump, working pressure is 100~300mpa; built-in decompression valve, in order to prevent pressure overload, the pump also has a safety relief valve; second-order flow design, the first-order low pressure displacement of 33CC, two-stage high pressure when the displacement is 1.6CC; under constant power condition, low pressure and large flow oil supply, high pressure small flow supply, Saves time and improves efficiency. The overall size is 585*120*170mm, with a total oil weight of around 11Kg. The use of this pump is convenient, flexible, low labor intensity, durable, is an ideal ultra-high pressure hydraulic power source.

Manual hydraulic Oil Pump, is the manual mechanical energy can be converted into liquid pressure energy of a small hydraulic pump station, specifically for the absence of power sources, gas sources and other power source occasions, the need for ultra-high pressure oil pressure to work in the mine, tunnels, bridges and other prestressed tension construction. The manual pump has high and low pressure two-stage oil supply function, with double action reversing mechanism. Low pressure when the displacement is large, operation is very labor-saving.

Manual pump side with a pressure gauge, can be rotated in large angle, easy to observe any angle, the box for metal plate, can work in the explosion-proof environment, with long service life, simple operation, easy maintenance and so on. It can be used with prestressed tensioning Jack, tensile Jack, anchor Rod (cable) dynamometer, steel strand cutter and ring chain hydraulic shearing, which is the optional equipment of prestressed construction in coal mine roadway.

Application Range

Power, railways, rescue, construction and other industries in the field operations, for cutting knives, hydraulic pliers, punching machines and other construction equipment to provide power, pipe fittings, hoses, valves, pressure vessels, cylinders and other static and demolition testing, aerospace accessories after the maintenance of static, dynamic test safety valve calibration, valve and wellhead installation water bubble test, Air pressure regulator testing, automotive braking system testing, communication cable inflatable equipment.