Hydraulic Control Valve Selection Guide

Specification of hydraulic control valves, the system's maximum pressure and based on the actual flow through the valve and considering valve control performance, stability and port size, dimensions, installation, connection, operation, etc, select from the product samples or catalog. Supporting all types of hydraulic control valves in the hydraulic system considerations are as follows:

1, the actual flow of hydraulic control valve

The actual flow of hydraulic valve associated with the circuit of series and parallel: flow around the circuit in series and parallel flow equal to the flow of oil and of oil. In addition, for single rod hydraulic cylinder system should pay attention to the piston out and retracted when the return oil flow: the choke Rod-free back into oil and the extended Rod return oil flow ratio, equal to the ratio of two area.

2 pressure rating and rated flow, hydraulic valve

The hydraulic control valve pressure rating and rated flow should close instead of using pressure and flow. For systems with high reliability requirements, valve pressure rating should be higher than the pressure more. If the rated pressure and flow is less than the pressure and flow, caused by hydraulic clamping of valves and hydraulic power and adversely affect the quality of work; for sequencing valve and pressure reducing valve in the system, which uses the flow should not be much smaller than the rated flow, otherwise vibration or other instability. Flow valve, should pay attention to the minimum flow.