Hand Hydraulic Pump Operating Principle

  Hand Hydraulic Pump operating principle:

  Principle of operation: The cam is rotated by the motor. When the cam propulsion plunger moves upwards, the sealing volume of the plunger and the cylinder is reduced and the oil is extruded from the sealed volume and discharged through the check valve to the desired area. When the cam rotates to the reduced portion of the curve, the torsion spring forces the plunger downwards to form a certain degree of vacuum, and the oil in the tank enters the sealed volume at atmospheric pressure. The cam keeps the plunger up and down, and the sealed volume is periodically reduced and increased, and the pump continues to suck and drain oil.

  Hand Hydraulic Pump in the repair from the following three points to find the cause of the malfunction, and to improve the system:

  A, see the boom cylinder of the leakage state:

  The simplest way is to raise the boom to see if it is not a significant free reduction. If the drop is significant, then open the cylinder to view, the seal has been found to wear should be replaced.

  B, view the operation valve:

  Mainly clean the safety valve to see if the spool is not worn, such as wear should be replaced. Safety valve device if there is no change, and then check the operation valve spool wear situation, the gap limit is usually 0.06mm, wear severe should be replaced.

  C, measure the pressure of the hydraulic pump:

  If the pressure is low, then adjust, the pressure is still not up, then clarify the hydraulic pump severe wear and tear.

  After the above analysis, we can clearly understand that the Hand Hydraulic Pump is the use of a wide range of equipment, with China's technology and economic level of the rapid development of such goods will be more vigorous, then the business for this It is a very favorable audio, but how to further expand the advantages and characteristics of this device, we need to do a lot of operations. Ahead of the road far away, there must be more difficult and fight.