Hand Hydraulic Pump Industry Analysis

  Hand Hydraulic Pump Industry Analysis

  After decades of development, China's Hand Hydraulic Pump industry has formed a certain industrial planning, but the lack of high-end shopping malls to serve, is continuing to carry out the "lock throat pain."

  Industry experts believe that, despite the formation of such a situation is complex, but in the objective has increased the main engine factory and supporting the gap between the company, so that thousands of companies in the hydraulic industry around the low-end shopping malls to snatch, and now , The hydraulic industry has not yet an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan of the company, even if the annual output value of more than 500 million yuan of companies are also numbered. In the supporting career does not have the ability to compete with foreign companies, the import of goods on the domestic shopping malls of man-made manipulation will be strong and nothing to take into account. Most of the profits of the construction machinery is taken away by the reality of the kit,Hand Hydraulic Pump leaving the host production company painful, and all sorts of helpless. According to this situation, these years the main engine factory and other industrial areas of funds are constantly entering the hydraulic industry.

  According to this, if still the usual way of thinking and practice methods to work in a decent manner, then, still in the deadlock of the stock of hydraulic companies, the control of the mall may be a great impact. In addition, the global financial crisis has had a significant impact on the real economy, including hydraulic occupations, which has made it possible for further deterioration of the occupational situation that is not strong. According to statistics, in 2008, 95 points in the employment of 95 companies, the loss of 10.5%, 23% of the company's output value and sales decreased, one-third of the company's total profits and taxes decline, the total profits and taxes in the industry as a whole Equal, economic efficiency induction index decreased by 4.5 percentage points.

  Industry experts put forward the "national catalog of goods" as the core of the hydraulic career revival of the idea, intended to take full advantage of the occupation of the existing stock of capital, to further emphasize the professionalism as the foundation of the win-win cooperation, through various methods of joint progress Occupation of the host company supporting talent. In the interpretation of what is the "national catalog of goods", the industry experts said that the OEM is able to bear the goods. Commodity function and reliability are necessary to reach the level of existing imported goods; there is a need for self-developed goods,Hand Hydraulic Pump there is no intellectual property disputes; there is a need to meet the output value, there is room for choice; There is competition. In addition, the "national catalog of goods" is also necessary to produce a number of countries and can exchange, with a certain forward-looking, the minimum selling price will be limited to the goods. After the implementation of the "national catalog of goods" and all other fruitful way to compete for three years to complete the domestic hydraulic industry total sales reached an average annual growth of 15% in 2011 to compete for construction machinery matching rate reached 70%.

  For how to break the deadlock, quickly gave birth to the professional leader of the question, a representative pointed out that the occupation in the past, there is no technology development too much energy, we put more energy into the run on the mall. And now should be in the assembly of professional development efforts under the premise of more attempts to develop systems and mechanisms on the innovation.Hand Hydraulic Pump Together, should be encouraged by a number of powerful OEMs to buy the primary supporting company, very good and favorable terrain with the previous development experience and ability to reduce the repeated development of investment, so that the industry quickly emerged a strong company.