Hand Hydraulic Pump Function Description

Manual hydraulic pump is a kind of hydraulic pump, its function is the power machine (such as motors and internal combustion engines, etc.) into the mechanical energy of the liquid energy. Manual hydraulic pump function description:

First, the pump design has high, low pressure two-stage oil fast, even without electricity, the operation is also convenient.

Second, any work pressure, function and electric the same.

Third, the pressure can be maintained in the middle to stop, the internal design of high-pressure safety protection hydraulic valve.

Fourth, the bottom of the hydraulic pump for the wide fixed frame can increase the stability of the operation when the operation.

Fifth, the tubing can be purchased longer, with quick connector, can be installed pressure gauge (optional)

Six, tubing fittings with PT3 / 8 "teeth.

Manual hydraulic pump maintenance and maintenance

First, the pump parts often keep clean, the valve and the plunger around the dust must not exist.

Second, strict compliance with the safety precautions.

Third, the use of water or steel is strictly prohibited corrosive media.

Fourth, the use should be gently, no collision phenomenon. Press the bar to tighten, so as not to damage the thread.

Fifth, the use of non-painted surface should be coated with a layer of industrial Vaseline oil to prevent rust.

Six, when not in the wooden box, in the dry, the temperature suitable for the room to store two.

Seven, the user matching the high-pressure hose factory, have been rated pressure of 1.25 times the pressure test. Long-term use, should pay attention to regular checks, half a year to check. Do pressure test, the occurrence of leakage, protrusion or blasting circumstances, must be replaced. Use, should avoid sharp bends, and not too close from the hose to prevent blasting from throwing people.