Analysis Of Two-way Cartridge Valve Industry Development Prospect In China

With the development of machinery industry, host-based lag, contradiction, and attracted the attention of all relevant departments. To this end, the original a common machine was formed in 1982 by the Department of infrastructure industry, the original dispersion in sectors such as agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, machine tools, centralized hydraulic, factory of two-way cartridge valves and seals, unified under a common base board management, thus enabling the industry planning, investments, technology and scientific research and development of guidance and support from the Foundation Board.

Two-way cartridge valve has entered a phase of rapid development, has introduced more than more than 60 foreign advanced technology, hydraulic pneumatic 7 more than more than 40 items, items, absorption through the digestive tract and technological innovation, mass production and become the industry's leading products. In recent years, increased the intensity of technological transformation, 1991-1998 national, local and enterprise self-financed total input of about more than 2 billion yuan, including hydraulic pressure more than 1.6 billion yuan. Technical innovation and technology research, a group of major further improvement of enterprise technology, technology and equipment have been greatly improved, for the formation of high specialization and mass production has laid a good foundation. In recent years, under the State's diverse forms of ownership develop policy guidelines, rapid rise of small and medium enterprises of different ownership, showing great vitality.