Analysis And Countermeasures Of Hydraulic Valve Failure

Is most used in hydraulic system of hydraulic valve components, its function is to control the direction of fluid flow, pressure, flow, direction to meet the implementation of components required for power, force (or torque), speed, so that the whole work hydraulic systems according to the requirements. So when the hydraulic valve when there is a failure, stability, precision, and reliability of the hydraulic system has a great impact, and even cause your system to not work.


Hydraulic valve core, and valve sets, and valve body, mechanical parts of movement Deputy between, in using Shi constantly produced friction, makes parts size shape and surface occurred changes and failure.? electromagnetic reversing valve valve core wear or deformation, will will makes valve within relief and makes efficiency declined, and dirty real easy into clearance or deformation at, to makes valve core produced mechanical card resistance phenomenon. If the valve core and valve hole clearance is too large, creates a pressure shock. Pressure reducing valve pilot valve wear will make the valve job instability or even surge. Pilot cone valve relief valve (or pilot operated ball valve) due to wear and tear and sealing is not strict, normal voltage. Unidirectional throttle (speed control) valve check valve parts worn, seal, part of the oil will drain away through the check valve, affect the speed sensitivity.


Work in a long-term load, hydraulic valve spring spring due to fatigue in soft, spring length, or an entire break valve core, valve seat arising from fatigue, cracking, peeling or other damage. These may void the valve. Overflow valve on the main slide valve or pilot valve spring fatigue or broken will make the system pressure does not meet requirements. Valve spring too soft or short, will affect the working position of the valve core and the normal reset, the system does not work.