Manual hydraulic pump industry analyst

Industry experts believe that, although the reasons for this situation are complex, but objectively increase the host plant and matching between the estrangement, hydraulic industry for thousands of companies around to compete in the low-end market, supporting enterprises could not come to the fore. At present, the hydraulic industry there is no annual output value of more than 1 billion enterprise, even the annual output value of more than 500 million yuan in business a small number of industry-wide annual sales less than Germany Rexroth's total annual sales. In supporting the industry when you don't have the ability to compete with foreign enterprises, control of imported products on the domestic market means it is strong and not taken care of. Engineering machinery and the fact that most of the profit was taken by Kit which allows host manufacturers suffering and helpless. On this basis, funds of the host plant and other industries in recent years has been in the hydraulic industry. It is reported that 31 heavy industry invested more than 1 billion yuan into the hydraulic industry. And no doubt this will increase the intensity of competition in the industry, changing the original industry structure and order.

Based on this, if you are still in the conventional ways of thinking and behaviors to work step by step, then, is still in stock hydraulic Enterprise competition deadlock, ability to control the market likely will have a larger impact. In addition, the global financial crisis on the real economy, including hydraulic industry, resulting in a significant impact, it made no strong possibility of further deterioration in the situation of the industry. According to statistics, in 2008, 95 companies in the industry key contact, loss of 10.5%, 23% of the output value and sales descent, one-third of the total corporate profits decline, essentially flat compared with the total industry profits, economic efficiency composite index dropped by 4.5%.