Hydraulic system of hydraulic station for manufacturers tell you what functions

In the production of industrial, hydraulic stations, hydraulic systems are everywhere, everywhere! Industrial machinery to work properly without hydraulic pump, hydraulic station of the main effects of the mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy, according to the pleading of the hydraulic system to supply pressure, flow and direction control, and many other functions. Therefore, its effect is not negligence. Hydraulic station for exactly what purpose does? Manufacturers of hydraulic system in the following gold along with you to see:

1, take the initiative and overload protection.

2, was simple linear motion.

3, light weight, small size, low inertia, fast response speed.

4, easy to control, stepless speed regulation of a wide range of the end of May.

5, hydraulic components, according to demand, vibrant places to settle.

6, usually use mineral oil as working media, relative motion is free and glossy, long use life;

7, very simple end of machine automation, selected after the electro-hydraulic control, end of not only a high degree of active control processes and end remote control.