Hydraulic system failure causes what?

1, because the job medium improper selection of hydraulic system faults and misconduct constitutes very much. About 70%~80% of all faults in the hydraulic system is made up of pollution of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil in hydraulic system of some 90% is posed by impurities. Impurities is very harmful to the hydraulic system, it can add the components wear, leaks, feature reduction, life span shortened, even causing damage and malfunction of hydraulic system.

2, composed of the element itself, move bad and circuit of hydraulic system with each other and monomer antiarrhythmic action of a component.

3, shortcomings in hydraulic components, hydraulic pumps the drawback rate is highest, about 30% of the drawback rate for hydraulic components around, so attention should be met.

4, hydraulic system faults and some are gradually, such as equipment fell into disrepair, parts wear, corrosion and fatigue and aging seals and so on;

5, there are sudden weakness, such as caused by foreign bodies suddenly died, actions caused by failure; also some disadvantage is generally caused by factors, such as component specification selected, equipped with unreasonable due to improper installation, adjustment and setting;