Filter hydraulic oil for hydraulic station plays a crucial role

Selection principles of hydraulic filters, when you select a filter, consider the following performance requirements:

(1) the road has enough oil capacity, pressure loss;

(2) the filtration accuracy shall meet the design requirements;

(3) filter has sufficient strength and dirt holding capacity;

(4) filter good corrosion resistance, long-term work in a prescribed temperature;

(5) replacement of filter cartridge, cleaning and maintenance.

In select hydraulic station of main filter device Shi, its precision of determine should consider system in the key components can tolerance of oil liquid pollution degrees, system of pollutants invaded rate and the work conditions, for to pigment, from pollution loss points starting, filter device of precision should can guarantee effective to filter except size close components movement Deputy dynamic oil film thickness of particles, because this size of in grain once into to movement Deputy of clearance within, will caused components surface wear, and makes clearance increases, to makes size larger of particles into clearance, introduction interest further of wear Causing serious wear "chain reaction", which lead to component failure.