Debugging requires a mechanical hydraulic system

First, before filling the system, should comply with the provisions of its cleanliness.

Second, filled with hydraulic oil (hydraulic) specification, variety and properties shall comply with the instructions provided; should open exhaust port more than once when filled with liquid, completely removed air.

Third, the system pressure test should be carried out. Oil system (hydraulic) motors, Servo valves, proportional valves, pressure sensors, pressure accumulator and relays, are not allowed to participate in the test. When pressure testing you should slowly step up to requirements in the following table, keep the pressure 10min, then down to nominal pressure, check the welds, interfaces, and seals, may be leaking.

Four, start the hydraulic pumps, oil (hydraulic) pressure should be in accordance with the instructions provided; oil pump inlet temperature of not more than 60 ° c, and shall not be less than 15 degrees; filters do not breathe air, adjust the relief valve (or pressure regulating valve) pressure should be increased gradually up to the working pressure. Boost should open vent keep air out of the system more than once.

Five should be adjusted according to the specifications, and safety valves, pressure valves and relays, control valves, accumulators and pressure relief valves and other elements, its performance shall conform to the provisions, and accurate, sensitive and reliable.

Six-piston, hydraulic system (piston), slider, mobile workstations and other driver (device), the stroke and speed within the set, there should be no vibration, crawling and stagnation;

Directional and pressure relief shall not be not normal shock.

Seven, systems of oil (liquid) road should be open. This commissioning before the no load test run.