Classification of hydraulic system of hydraulic press

Hydraulic press hydraulic components can be divided into power components and control elements as well as the implementation of three main types of components. Although all hydraulic components and their functions and technical requirements of the installation service are not the same, are respectively as follows:

Power components are various hydraulic pumps.

1, gear oil pump and in-line pumps (both external and internal) two structure types.

2, vane pump (including single-stage pumps, variable displacement pump, double pump, double-pump).

3, and column plug pump, and is divided into axis to column plug pump and radial column plug pump, axis to column plug pump has quantitative pump, and variable pump, and (variable pump and is divided into manual variable and pressure compensation variable, and servo variable, variety) from structure Shang and is divided into end surface distribution oil and valve type distribution oil oil two species distribution oil way, and radial column plug pump of distribution oil type type, basically for valve type distribution oil.

Pressure control valve

(1) pressure control valve: relief valve, solenoid relief valves, unloading relief valve, unidirectional relief valve and pressure relief valve, one-way valve and the order of sequencing valve and one-way valve and so on.

(2) order valve of range in the and is divided into straight control order valve, and far control order valve, and unloading load valve, and straight control one-way order valve, and far control one-way order valve, and straight control balance valve and far control balance valve, seven species, also has pressure following electrical, and various pressure control valve, in various hydraulic drive system in the, by different using conditions and characteristics requirements, for various hydraulic system in the.