Basic principles of hydraulic station

The working principle of hydraulic station

Hydraulic station and said hydraulic pumping station, motor unit moving pump rotating, pump from tank in the sucking oil Hou Polish, will mechanical can into for hydraulic oil of pressure can, hydraulic oil after integrated block (or valve combination) was hydraulic valve completed has direction, and pressure, and flow regulation Hou by outside took over road transmission to hydraulic mechanical of oil cylinder or oil motor in the, then control has liquid motivation direction of change, and strength of size and the speed of speed, advance various hydraulic mechanical work.

Hydraulic station is an independent hydraulic device, which drives (host) request for oil and control oil flow, pressure and flow in the direction of, it applies to hosts under can leave a variety of hydraulic machinery and hydraulic equipment, unit pump rotation by a motor, pump oil from the tank after Polish, to convert mechanical energy into pressure of hydraulic oil.

After users purchase as long as the actuator of hydraulic station and the host (cylinder and motor oil) pipeline connected to hydraulic machinery to complete the various provisions of the Act, operation cycle.