All-hydraulic station for service in Asia

Beijing all-of filtration development company, founded in 1994, is located in Beijing's Zhongguancun science and Technology Park Park Golden Bridge technology industry base, has a class 100,000 clean room of 3000 square meters and a laboratory. And in 1999 by United Kingdom NQA of ISO9001 quality system certification. Beijing all-of fluid dynamics laboratory after years of cooperation with China University of mining, polypropylene long fibre filter materials were developed to fill gaps in the domestic high-precision filtration materials.

More than 10 years of imported brands of filters, filter, filter, filter tanks, oil and other products of the system was replaced with life, use effects reached the forefront of similar products in the world. Rinse filter and flushing device, developed by oil contamination level detection apparatus, aerodynamic reverse air conditioning filters, new filters have access to the national patent.

Beijing all-China Association of equipment management of fluid pollution control technology Center (FPCCH) support unit, the Centre to develop and promote advanced pollution control technologies and concepts of fluids, tracing back to precise process control, management, industrial technology, unpredictable state service as the goal, to further raise the level of equipment maintenance, set up to continue to advance the modernization of equipment management and specialized processes. Baosteel industry inspection company became the Centre of the core laboratory. And was held in Shanghai in June 2010 annual meeting of the national pollution control technology of fluid, has been the country's major steel mills and endorsed unanimously by the academic leaders and technical experts in the field, Center field of the fluid contamination control strategy and comprehensive solutions to be hailed by the participants, and December 2010, the first in Asia's largest hydraulic station NHI 360 systems management implementation.