WH Directional Spool Valve

WH Directional Spool Valve
Product Details

The directional spool valve operates like a normal directional valve that is used to open and closed hydraulic flow and switch flow direction. The Directional spool valve WH series we produced is mostly used where a large flow rate of more than 100L/min is required. 

Directional spool valve WH series we produced is most used in the plastic modeling machines which requires the  large flow rate. The WH series of 10 size valves is often used in high flow hydraulic unit sand hydraulic systems, it usually equipped with 4WE6E, 4WE6H, 4WE6J as a pilot operated control.

Example (Normal code): “FT – 4WH 10 E – 20 ” 
Explanation As Below:

FT4WH10 E20/   


(1) Producer code= FT
(2) Size= 10
(3) No code= Spool return by springs
  H= Spool return by hydraulic
(4) Spool symbol= E,G,F, please see the spool symbol form
(5) Series no.= 20 for Size 10
 50= 50 for Size 16, 25, 32
(6) No code= Without switching adjustment
S= With meter-in control adjustment
S2= With meter-out control adjustment
(7) No code = NBR seals
V = FKM seals
(8) No code = Black Galvanization
B= Blue Powder 



External supply: The M6 screw plug in the P port on top the  main valve
Internal supply:  To remove the M6 screw plug from the valve
– Refer to Drawing A

External drain:  Remove the nut and screw in the M6 plug 
Internal: Screw out the M6 plug
– Refer to Drawing B

Directional Spool Valve WH 10 installation dimensions