Manual Hydraulic Valve WMM6

Manual Hydraulic Valve WMM6
Product Details

Manual hydraulic valve is operated by manual level to change the vale spool working position, to stop flow or changing hydraulic direction. There are 4way, 2 position and 4way, 3 position as various valve working type. The quality judgment standards of manual hydraulic valve is directional reliability, pressure loss and inner leakage. Finotek manual valve is light and flexible to operate the handle with no jamming phenomenon. For spring reposition manual hydraulic valve, it can be auto reposition quickly as soon as the handle level is no force (Back or forward) on it.

In directional operation, the manual hydraulic valve may cause flow rises more shapely than its function curve due to working condition limited, there is a damper will be able to mount on the P porting, to eliminate this phenomenon. The damper can be purchased independently with the order.

Manual Hydraulic Valve WMM6 Installation Dimensions: