Manual Directional Hydraulic Valve WMM16

Manual Directional Hydraulic Valve WMM16
Product Details

Manual directional control valve is porting size of 16mm, max. flow rate up to 300L/min. , the order code is FT- 4WMM16 series. This valve is operated by a long steel level to control the spool movement position, there are many spool symbols for different working purpose, normal used spools are E, J, G, H types.

Finotek manufactures the valve in small inner leakage(Inner leakage: from high pressure chamber to low pressure chamber in valve housing oil flow leakage). Large leakage is not only lower the working efficiency, but also rise oil temperature to overheat and affects other actuator normal working. Finotek controls the inner leakage by advance parts’ manufacturing precisions and select high quality raw materials.

Manual Directional Hydraulic Valve WMM16 Installation Dimensions: