Manual Directional Hydraulic Valve WMM10

Manual Directional Hydraulic Valve WMM10
Product Details

The manual directional valve consists of valve house, handle, spool, one or two spring and a pushing piston. The valve spool is keeping central position or initial potion when the valve is not working. If drives the valve handle to left or right, the pushing piston connection with handle is activated and controls the spool to move accordingly. When the handle is not operated, the spool reposition to its normal location.

Manual directional valve is to control the hydraulic fluid flow direction, the valve is operated by a manually handle. Finotek manual directional valve have low pressure drop. The pressure drop is caused by fluid flow pressure loss and valve porting throttle pressure loss. The better manual directional valve should have as lower as pressure drop, by keep the concentricity between the key parts of directional spool and valve house.

Manual Directional Hydraulic Valve WMM10 Installation Dimensions: