DBW Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve

DBW Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve
Product Details

Pilot operated pressure relief valve uses for controlling the system pressure, keeping system pressure in a normal level in order to protect each actuator operation, especially the power actuation like hydraulic motors, hydraulics pumps.

Finotek DBW series of pilot operated pressure relief valve is designed by two parts, the combination of parts of main valve as basic and pilot operated pressure direct relief valve enable to minimize valve pressure adjusting torque force more than by only a direct relief valve, its largely developing the valve characteristics of opening and closing speed. 

Example (Normal code): “FT-DBW 10 B 1 5X/20 EG24NZ5L ” 
Explanation As Below:

FT-DBW10B 15X/20  6EG24NZ5L   

(1) Producer code= FT

(2) W= With solenoid valve
  No code= Without solenoid valve

(3) Size= 10; 15; 20; 25 or 30

(4) A= Normal closed
  B= Normal open

(5) No code= Modular mounted
  G= Threaded mounted

(6) 1= Hand wheel adjustment
  2= Screw adjustment and protective cap

(7) 5X= Valve series

(8) 20= Settable pressure up to 20Mpa
  5= Settable pressure up to 5Mpa
  10= Settable pressure up to 10Mpa
  31.5= Settable pressure up to 31.5Mpa

(9) No code= Internally piloted, internally drained 
  X= Externally piloted, internally drained
  Y= Internally piloted, externally drained
  XY= Externally piloted, externally drained

(10) No code= Standard
  U= Min. opening pressure

(11) 6E= (Wet-pin) solenoid with detachable coil

(12) G24= DC voltage 24V 
  G12= DC voltage 12V 
  W220= AC voltage 220~230V 50/60 Hz
   W110= AC voltage 110V 50/60 Hz

(13) N= With manual override

(14) Z5L= Plug-in connection with indicator lamp

(15) No code= Inch thread (Y port threaded)
   2= Metric thread (Y port threaded)

(16) No code = NBR seals for petroleum oil
  V = FPM seals for phosphate ester

(17) No code = Black Galvanization
  B= Blue Powder Coating