Cartridge Valves & Manifolds

Cartridge Valves & Manifolds
Product Details

Finotek is majoring in designing and producing cartridge valves & manifolds of high quality in hydraulic industry, widely used in mobile and industrial equipments; Finotek cartridge valves & manifolds are among the top class in China.

Finotek Cartridge Valves & Manifolds characteristics include: 

1) Industrial common cavities, 

2) Easy & quick fixing and displacement, 

3) Compact size, zero leakage, 

4) Simplify the system piping compared with the traditional hydraulic system, thus reduce the maintanence cost, 

5) 100% product capacity test, 

6) All the standard products have to be tested for millions of times before provided to customers, 

7) CAD design to meet different needs of different customers

Finotek Cartridge Valves & Manifolds Features: 

Connection Form:Thread coneection 

Type: cartridge style valve for manifold 

Valve Structure:Step by Step Re-Sheet Structure

Power Supply: Oil medium