Cartridge solenoid Valve

Cartridge solenoid Valve
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Ningbo Zhenhai Finotek Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China cartridge solenoid valve manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy or wholesale customized bulk cartridge solenoid valve from our factory.

Cartridge solenoid valve in various kinds of function and operated by a solenoid. The cartridge solenoid valve works as per the coil energized or de-energized, the poppet spool in the valve is switched to block the flow reversed from side 2 port to side1 port and allows the flow from 1 port to 2 side port while the coil energized. 

Finotek cartridge solenoid valve is available for manual override function. To override, please push the button in first, twist in the direction of counterclockwise and then release. In this position, cartridge type solenoid valve remains open in a detente way. If returning to normal operation, push the button in again, twist the knob in clockwise direction and release, override will be detente in the locked position.

Specifications of cartridge solenoid valve:

Max. operation pressure: 20.7Mpa, 207bar

Max. flow rate: 4.4Gpm/16.7Lpm at pressure of 6.9bar/100psi

Valve Inner leakage: 82cc /min. max. at 20.7Mpa

Valve working temperature: -22° F to +250° F (-30°C to +120°C)

Solenoid voltage range: voltage tolerance from 90% 110%.

Medium: Mineral-based fluids better