Cartridge Hydraulic Valve

Cartridge Hydraulic Valve
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Ningbo Zhenhai Finotek Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China cartridge hydraulic valve manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy or wholesale customized bulk cartridge hydraulic valve from our factory.

Cartridge hydraulic valve provided by Finotek is normally open, controlled by solenoid operated, poppet type, cartridge type, screw in valve. The Cartridge hydraulic valve, solenoid operated allows flow from port 2 to port 1 while the solenoid is de-energized and severely restricted by the poppet spool if flow from 1 to 2 port, therefore, the valve is called normally open cartridge valve.

On the contrary, if the solenoid in the energized position, the poppet spool closed and block the flow from port 2 to port 1. But the 1 port to 2 will be opened as soon as the pressure on the 1 port more than the solenoid force 

Specifications of Cartridge hydraulic valve, solenoid operated:

Max. operation pressure: 25Mpa, 250bar

Max. flow rate: 10Gpm/37.9Lpm at pressure of 8.6bar/125psi

Valve Inner leakage: 2 drops /min. max. at 20.7Mpa

Valve working temperature: -22° F to +250° F (-30°C to +120°C)

Solenoid voltage range: voltage tolerance from 90% 110%.

Medium: Mineral-based fluids better